10 Types of Fish in Nigeria

10 Types of Fish in Nigeria

Nigeria, with its vast coastline and rivers, is a haven for fish lovers. The country's waters are teeming with a variety of fish species that are not only a staple in the Nigerian diet but also a part of the nation's rich cultural heritage. Not only that, Nigerians have mastered the art of preserving fish through smoking, drying, and salting, ensuring that these aquatic treasures can be savored year-round. Here, we dive into the flavors and facts of the 11 most cherished fish in Nigeria.

1. Panla Fish

Also known as Hake, Panla fish is a soft, white, and flaky delight. Panla Fish is a common sight in Lagos markets. It's a long, thin fish that resembles a sardine and is often sold smoked in sets. Its flavor is quite mild, which makes it perfect for spicing up, especially with pepper, and it's frequently enjoyed fried alongside soaked Garri.Panla Fish



2. Stockfish

A Norwegian import, Stockfish is unsalted fish, typically cod, dried by cold air and wind. It holds a place of pride in Nigerian cuisine, adding a depth of flavor to dishes. Stockfish Hake is typically cod but can also be other species like pollock or haddock. Here are some types of stockfish available at My Sasun African Market.

Bonne Bouche Stockfish Steaks

Fresh Stockfish/Hake

Local Stockfish Bits

Olsen Stock Fish Bits

3. Tilapia Fish

Tilapia is a farm-friendly fish that graces many Nigerian tables. Tilapia is one of the most exploited inland water fish species in Sub-Saharan Africa, supporting livelihoods and providing vital food security. It's found in traditional freshwater sources and is a versatile fish that can be grilled, fried, or stewed, making it a popular choice for family meals. Tilapia Fish

4. Catfish

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of African catfish, which is central to many local dishes. Catfish is big business in Nigeria, with a vast number of producers and employees in the sector. Known for its adaptability and quick maturation. It's often used in traditional soups like Egusi and can be found fresh, dried or smoked.


5. Abo Fish

Abo, or Sole fish, is known for its delicate texture. It's commonly smoked and used in various Nigerian dishes for its unique flavor.


Abo Fish

6. Asa Fish

Asa, a prized catch from Southern Nigeria's freshwaters, is an electric fish known for its shiny skin and firm flesh. It's typically dried using the mangala technique. It is an expensive type known as Eja Osan, Dansarki, or Azu Asa. Asa Fish


7. Mackerel Fish

In Nigeria, Mackerel, or 'Titus fish', is a favorite. It's an oily fish that's often grilled or used in stews for its rich, savory taste. It is a common pelagic fish from the family Scombridae and is popular for its tastiness and nutrient content. Despite import restrictions, its quantities have increased, with over 700,000 tonnes per year. Mackerel Fish

8. Croaker Fish

Croaker is a white fish that's either grilled or fried to perfection. Croaker Fish is popular in Nigeria for its distinct taste and nutritional richness and is used in a variety of local and continental dishes. Its sweet, mild taste makes it a hit at Nigerian parties and family gatherings.Croaker Fish

9. Boney Fish/Peeled Herring/Shawa

Known locally as Shawa, this fish is a staple in Nigerian diets. It is caught off the southern Nigerian coast and delicately dried. It's known for its flaky texture and subtle flavor and is rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, and protein. It is often used to add a smoky flavor to soups and sauces and one-pot rice. Shawa Fish


10. Red Snapper Fish

The Red Snapper is recognizable by its vivid reddish hue and unique physical profile, found at depths of 30 to 620 feet in warm waters, and can live up to 57 years, growing to significant sizes. It is a premium fish often enjoyed fried or baked. It's a festive dish that's both delicious and nutritious.Red Snapper Fish

Why Eat Fish?

Fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. They play a vital role in a balanced diet, contributing to heart health and brain function.


Finding Nigerian Fish Abroad

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