Kokonte Lafu | Cassava Flour 2.21 LB

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Kokonte-Lafu is a well-processed cassava flour from quality cassava suitable for your meal. The products are hygienically made from 100% natural raw materials with no additives. Take 1 part of cold water into a bowl and pour one ladle full of Kokonte-Lafu flour into the water in the bowl.

Kokonte, also known by many as abitie, abetee, lapiiwa and lapelawa, is delicious staple food in Ghana. It is very popular in West African countries such as Nigeria and Togo, and it is also very popular in the Caribbean. The English name of this delicacy is “brown fufu”. It is made from sun-dried cassava root and ground into a very smooth powder. Cooked Kokonte is light brown or dark brown.