Loya Milk

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 Milk Sachet is a delicious and tasty milk drink - The smooth taste. It is highly nutritious and a great source of vitamins, protein and calcium, which are all essential for growing children and active people looking for a strong and healthy body. It is made from natural, fresh, skimmed cow's milk, buttermilk and vegetable fat for a balanced diet.

Powdered milk is sure to enhance your day at any time. Whether you have it for breakfast, lunch or just in a delicious milkshake, Peak evaporated milk is sure to turn anything into a wonderful treat. Not only has it a delicious and sweet flavor, but it is also rich in nutrients and proteins which are essential for our body. With Peak evaporated milk, you will enjoy a healthy and tasty drink at any moment of the day. No matter if you are an adult or a kid, you are still going to love this delicious drink. This product comes in a colorful sachet with a marvelous beach design, refluxing it outstanding quality among other brands. This is a convenient package because sachets are easier to store and use when you want to apply its content for a recipe. Peak evaporated milk contains 28 crucial vitamins to the human body, so it provides a double benefit for you. You can use Peak evaporated milk for many recipes available to anyone. You can put it in milkshakes to make them healthier, or use them to bake cakes. Also, you can make delicious French toasts and add to it ice cream for a creamier result