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My Sasun, the largest African grocery chain in the United States, will now include paying exam fees as one of the methods to give back to the community from which we all hail. 

Financial barriers have long stood in the way of African students' aspirations to pursue their studies overseas, despite the fact that many of them are academically qualified to apply for scholarships in the United States and Canada.

Because of this, we will set aside some money to pay for those academically strong applicants in Africa who want to take these tests but can't afford to do so.

We encourage all our customers to spread the word and share this opportunity with their family and friends back home who may be starting out their journey to relocate abroad.

If you are also wondering how you can support this initiative, we would be happy to partner with you on this journey of supporting prominent Africans to seek better opportunities abroad. My Sasun is committed to sponsoring 3 candidates but with your support, we can reach even more as we estimate to receive hundreds of applications when we roll out this initiative.
The average cost to cover the IELTS exam is $125 (₦90,000).

You can also support us by staying tuned with us on this journey and helping us with the nomination process to give the best candidates the award.