Nivea Body Lotion Milk Nutritive 400ml

$899 USD

This is rich, vitamin E-enriched body lotion transforms dry, irritated skin into soft, hydrated skin. Natural minerals, almond oil and vitamin E work in harmony to activate more natural moisture to the skin and prevent it from drying out. For very dry skin.

NIVEA Body Milk Nutritive is a body lotion infused with the Deep Hydration Serum, with vitamin E and with twice the content of almond oil than its previous formula, managing to nourish even dry or very dry skin. The unique combination of moisturizers that exist naturally in the skin, lipids that retain hydration and nourishing oils manages to bind and retain water in the skin, thus preventing hydration from evaporating easily. The skin is well protected from dehydration, as it reduces water loss and increases the level of hydration of the skin. The most recent test methods have shown that this perfect combination of high-quality ingredients present in NIVEA essential care lotions, now with Deep Hydration Serum, manage to penetrate deep into the skin, retaining the water inside and providing intensive hydration for 48 hours.