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This product is Fake, if I can rate it a zero I would. I was a bit sceptical when I took it out of the box and I saw it leaking. I didn't really pay it no mind because it was well wrapped in bubble wrap and I only saw a few splashes. The second red flag is that it didn't have a seal on the product, the 3rd red flag is the color difference from the real Dettol. The real Dettol is a golden color not dark like a penny. The fourth red flag is when you dilute it with water it is supposed to have a cloudy color and a little fiss to it, and this one didn't have either, the fifth red flag is the smell difference. Whatever this company is selling is definitely NOT the real Dettol. Please be careful before you put a product like this on your face / body. Take the time and do the proper research before purchasing, because while companies like this are only out to make money, the ones who are trusting their products can be permanently scarred physically followed by mentally scarred. Beware...

Canilla Parboiled Rice | 5lb

Correct items sent and timely

Too small and too hard to hydrate back to soft state


It was good but a little bitter but my customers loved it

I love my sardine.

I bought this pouch to make moinmoin but I have not used it yet.
It should be good, I guess.

I like fish and it is expected. The only shipping, needs dry ice so the fish does not totally melt by the time arrives to east coast. Overall very satisfied!

It arrived on time

Tastes so good. Delivery was on time. I just wished there was a bigger size

Fresh Locust Beans - Iru | 16oz

Came packaged well needs more ice packs tho

Ola Ola Cassava Starch Flour 4lbs

Great product

Love turkey wings

Yam arrived in good conditions. The carrier made some few yams to be broken during the shipping process. Overall the yams arrived on scheduled.

Fast delivery and well packed


This was not it! Disappointed for the price in Houston. Will return to my original market in Houston.this place will never be an option again

Agbalumo Cherry | 12pcs

It's was sweet and quenched my cravings for udara. I only wish it was more than the 12 pieces in a pack for $35

Neat and it arrived on time.

disappointed and shamed

i ordered Nigerian grilled turkey from mysasun and I spoke to a representative to make sure it is cut into pieces and he agreed and said it will be done. I told him that the long regular wings are too big for me that I have to make it for order. He agreed. the wings now came, one of their drivers came to my door and was knocking like a person who had no respect. my grandma was asking who it was, there was no answer. we than opened the door to see it was a driver from their company . He came to bring my turkey, afterwards I saw that they didn't cut it and had to approach him because I was to cook it for orders I had for my catering that same day. I sha didn't return the turkey to him because I was told that if I gave it back, they will bring it cut tomorrow. When they messed up my order today, how do I know they will not mess up again tmr. Now for me to get my money back is a issue. when it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to zelle my money to them, it's taking them hours upon hours to zelle me back. MySasun, this is not fair. You really proved yourself wrong to me.

Sasun Kuli Kuli

It taste perfect with both good quality and quantity. It is good money for order. Shipping arrived at expected time.

EXP Bud's Best Vanilla Wafers 7oz

I love it so much and shipping was timely. I always enjoy every purchase with my Sasun!

EXP Bud's Best Vanilla Wafers 7oz

I love it so much and shipping was timely. I always enjoy every purchase with my Sasun!