The Cunning Crocodile and the Wise Elephant

The Cunning Crocodile and the Wise Elephant

Once upon a time, in the heart of the African savannah, a great drought had befallen the land. The scorching sun baked the earth, and the rivers and waterholes ran dry. The animals of the savannah were suffering, desperate for relief from the relentless heat. Amidst this struggle, there lived a cunning crocodile named Kiboko, known for his deceitful nature and wicked intentions.

 Crocodile and elephant fable

Kiboko had always thrived on the misery of others, taking pleasure in their misfortune. With the drought exacerbating the animals' hardships, he saw an opportunity to exploit their vulnerability. His devious mind concocted a plan to deceive the desperate creatures and gain power over them.


Kiboko ventured to the waterhole where the animals gathered, longing for a taste of the precious water. He greeted them with false sympathy, his voice dripping with insincerity. "Dear friends," he said, "I have discovered a hidden oasis deep within the jungle, filled with an abundance of water. If you follow me, you will find relief from this unending drought."


The animals, desperate for salvation, listened attentively to Kiboko's words. They saw him as their savior, someone who could rescue them from their suffering. Unbeknownst to them, Kiboko had no intention of leading them to a real oasis. He merely sought to manipulate them for his own wicked desires.


One by one, the animals followed Kiboko through the treacherous jungle. The journey was arduous, with thorny bushes and hidden dangers at every turn. Kiboko, being a crocodile, had little trouble navigating the dense vegetation, while the others struggled to keep up. His wickedness knew no bounds as he purposefully led the animals deeper into the heart of the wilderness, far from any hope of relief.


Days turned into weeks, and still, Kiboko led the animals further into perilous territory. Exhaustion and desperation began to grip the creatures. They realized that Kiboko had betrayed their trust and was leading them astray. Their hopes for salvation turned into anger and despair. They had fallen victim to the wickedness of the cunning crocodile.

 The Cunning Crocodile and the Wise Elephant

Just when all seemed lost, a wise and majestic elephant named Tembo appeared before the weary animals. He had been silently observing Kiboko's treachery from a distance, waiting for the right moment to intervene. Tembo had always been known for his wisdom and compassion, and he saw the danger that Kiboko's wickedness posed to the animal kingdom.


With a commanding voice, Tembo addressed the animals, "My fellow creatures, it is clear that we have been deceived by the wicked crocodile. But we must not succumb to despair. Instead, let us unite against this common enemy and find our way back to safety."


Inspired by Tembo's words, the animals rallied together, their collective strength greater than any single individual. With their determination and guidance from Tembo, they retraced their steps, slowly but steadily making their way back to familiar territory.


Kiboko, realizing that his plans were unraveling, tried to escape and hide in the depths of the jungle. But the animals, fueled by their anger and the desire for justice, pursued him relentlessly. They cornered him by the very waterhole where their journey had begun, and surrounded him with their mighty presence.


Tembo, taking the lead, addressed Kiboko, "Crocodile, your wickedness has caused immense suffering and divided our community. We will not tolerate such deceitful behavior any longer."


Kiboko trembled under the collective gaze of the animals. He felt the weight of their disappointment and the consequences of his actions. In that moment, he realized the danger of his own wickedness, not only to others but also to himself.


The animals, guided by Tembo's wisdom, decided to banish Kiboko from their midst, forever separating him from the community he had betrayed. It was a stern reminder that wickedness has its own consequences, and no one can escape the dangers of their own actions.


From that day forward, the animals of the savannah learned to cherish unity, compassion, and the strength that comes from standing together. They never forgot the cunning crocodile and the dangers his wickedness had brought upon them. And whenever they faced challenges, they would remember the wisdom of Tembo, the wise elephant, who had taught them the true meaning of unity and the danger of wickedness.