The Hare’s Revenge| African Folktales| My Sasun African Market

The Hare’s Revenge| African Folktales| My Sasun African Market

Long ago, in the heart of the African savannah, there was a well that was the source of life for all the animals. The well was deep and cool, and its water was sweet and refreshing. Every day, the animals would come to the well to quench their thirst and enjoy its bounty.


Among the animals, there were two friends who lived near the well: Hare and Hyena. They had agreed to share the responsibility of drawing water from the well each day. One day, Hare would draw water for both of them, and the next day, Hyena would do the same. They trusted each other and lived in harmony.


But one day, everything changed. It was a scorching hot day, and the sun was blazing in the sky. The animals were thirsty and tired, and they longed for the water from the well. Hare and Hyena, being neighbors, decided to go to the well together. It was Hyena's turn to draw water, so he took the rope and the bucket and went down to the well.


Hare waited patiently for his friend, but he soon noticed something strange. Hyena was taking a long time to draw water, and he seemed to be making a lot of noise. Hare heard him slurping and gulping, and he saw him wiping his mouth with his paw. Hare realized that Hyena was drinking more water than he needed, and he was leaving very little for him.


Hare felt angry and betrayed, but he did not say anything. He knew that Hyena was stronger and bigger than him, and he could not fight him. He also knew that Hyena was cunning and crafty, and he could not trust him. He decided to use his own wit and cleverness to teach him a lesson.


The next day, when it was Hare's turn to draw water, he came up with a plan. He pretended to be friendly and cheerful, and he invited Hyena to join him at the well. He said, "My friend, I have a great idea. Let's have some fun and make a game out of drawing water. Let's see who can draw water more efficiently and fill our buckets faster. The winner will get a prize, and the loser will have to do a favor for the winner. What do you say?"


Hyena, thinking that he was smarter and stronger than Hare, agreed to the game. He did not know that Hare had secretly loosened the stones around the well, and he had prepared a trap for him.


They went to the well, and they started the game. They both grabbed the rope and the bucket, and they began to draw water. Hyena, using all his strength, pulled the rope with force. He wanted to win the game and get the prize. He did not notice that the stones around the well were shaking and cracking.


Hare, on the other hand, pulled the rope gently and slowly. He wanted to lose the game and set the trap. He noticed that the stones around the well were about to collapse.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise and a cloud of dust. The stones gave way, and the well caved in. Hyena, who was pulling the rope hard, lost his balance and fell into the well. He landed on the bottom of the well, and he was trapped. He could not climb out, and he could not call for help.


Hare, who was pulling the rope softly, let go of the rope and jumped back. He looked down at the well, and he saw Hyena lying there, helpless and frightened. He smiled and said, "Well, well, well. It looks like you've fallen into your own trap, dear Hyena. Perhaps now you'll learn the value of honesty and sharing. You see, I knew that you were cheating me out of the water, and I decided to get my revenge. I loosened the stones around the well, and I made you fall into it. Now you'll have to stay there until you apologize for your greed and dishonesty. And don't expect me to help you out. You'll have to do me a favor first. That's the prize for losing the game."


Hyena, who was humbled and ashamed, realized his mistake. He regretted his earlier deceit, and he wished he had been a better friend. He begged Hare to forgive him and to let him out. He said, "Please, Hare, I'm sorry for what I did. I was greedy and selfish, and I did not appreciate your friendship. Please, help me out of this well, and I'll do anything you want. I'll share the water with you, and I'll be fair and respectful. Please, Hare, have mercy on me."


Hare, who was satisfied and generous, accepted Hyena's apology. He said, "All right, Hyena, I'll help you out. But you have to promise me that you'll keep your word and that you'll never cheat me again. And you have to do me a favor. You have to tell all the other animals what you did and how I tricked you. You have to admit your fault and praise my wit. That's the only way I'll let you out of this well."


Hyena, who had no choice, agreed to Hare's terms. He said, "I promise, Hare, I'll do as you say. I'll tell everyone the truth, and I'll give you credit for your cleverness. Just please, get me out of this well."


Hare, who was kind and forgiving, helped Hyena out of the well. He tied the rope around him, and he pulled him up. He then took him to the other animals, and he made him confess his sin and his punishment. The other animals listened to Hyena's story, and they laughed at his folly. They also admired Hare's wisdom, and they praised his skill. They learned a valuable lesson from the tale of "The Hare's Revenge" – that greed and dishonesty can lead to one's own downfall, while wit and fairness prevail in the end.