The Honeyguide's Revenge

The Honeyguide's Revenge

Once upon a time, there was a young hunter named Gingile who lived in a village near the forest. He was very skilled at hunting, but he was also very greedy and selfish. He never shared his game with anyone, not even his family or friends.

One day, as he was walking in the forest, he heard a strange rattling sound coming from a nearby tree. He looked up and saw a small bird with a black head and a yellow chest. It was Ngede, the Honeyguide, who knew where to find the sweetest honey in the forest.

Ngede saw Gingile and decided to help him. He flew from one tree to another, making the rattling sound to guide Gingile to the honey. Gingile followed Ngede eagerly, thinking that he would get a delicious treat.

Soon, they reached a big tree with a large hole in its trunk. Inside the hole, there was a beehive full of honey. Gingile was overjoyed. He quickly climbed the tree, lit a fire to smoke out the bees, and broke the honeycomb with his knife. He stuffed the honeycomb into his bag, leaving nothing behind.

Ngede watched from a branch, hoping that Gingile would share some honey with him as a thank-you. But Gingile did not even look at Ngede. He climbed down the tree, slung his bag over his shoulder, and walked away without a word.

Ngede was very angry. He felt that Gingile had cheated him and taken advantage of his kindness. He vowed to get his revenge on Gingile for being so selfish.

The next day, Gingile went to the forest again, hoping to find more honey. He heard Ngede's rattling sound and followed him, thinking that Ngede had forgiven him and wanted to help him again.

But Ngede had a different plan. He led Gingile deeper and deeper into the forest, until they reached a dark and dangerous place. There, in a cave, there was a lion who was sleeping soundly.

Ngede flew to the entrance of the cave and made the rattling sound louder and louder, hoping to wake up the lion. Gingile thought that the sound meant that there was honey inside the cave. He crept closer and closer, unaware of the danger.

Suddenly, the lion opened his eyes and saw Gingile. He roared and pounced on him, tearing him to pieces. Gingile screamed and tried to run away, but it was too late. He was killed by the lion.

Ngede flew away, satisfied that he had taught Gingile a lesson. He said to himself, "That is what you get for being greedy and ungrateful. You should have shared the honey with me, but you did not. Now you have paid the price."

The moral of the story is that one should always be grateful and generous to those who help them, or else they might face the consequences.