Welcome to My Sasun African Store, your ultimate destination for authentic African groceries. As an esteemed member of the My Sasun community, we want to share with you the incredible power of bulk buying. In this blog post, we will explore how bulk buying can revolutionize your shopping experience, while highlighting the exclusive rewards and offers available through My Sasun Points when you bulk buy.



Bulk buying refers to purchasing goods in large quantities, and it offers several advantages:
- COSTS SAVINGS: One of the most significant advantages of bulk buying is the potential for substantial cost savings. By purchasing items in larger quantities, you can enjoy lower per-unit prices, effectively reducing your overall expenses.
- CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY: Buying in bulk means you'll have a sufficient supply of your favorite products for an extended period. This reduces the frequency of shopping trips and ensures that you always have what you need on hand.
- REDUCED PACKAGING WASTE: When you buy in bulk, you can minimize packaging waste by opting for larger containers or refilling existing ones. This promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices.


At My Sasun African Store, we have introduced a rewarding loyalty program called My Sasun Points. You can now enjoy exclusive discounts and fantastic savings. Let's explore the benefits:
a) POINTS STRUCTURE: My Sasun Points are equivalent to real money, with 100 points equating to $1. This simple structure ensures that every point earned brings you closer to exciting discounts.
b) MILESTONE DISCOUNTS: As you accumulate points, you unlock remarkable discounts:
   - 500 points = 5% off: Reach this milestone and enjoy a fantastic 5% discount on your next purchase.
   - 1000 points = 10% off: With 1000 points, you can revel in a generous 10% discount on your order.
   - 4000 points = Free shipping: Attain 4000 points, and experience the holy grail of online shopping—free shipping!
c) EARNING MY SASUN POINTS: We offer various avenues to earn My Sasun Points:
   - SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: Earn 200 points on Instagram, and 100 points each on Facebook and Twitter by following us on these platforms.
   - PLACING ORDERS: For every dollar spent, you earn 50 points guilt-free, allowing you to accumulate rewards effortlessly.
   - Website/Mobile App Sign-Up: Join the My Sasun community and receive an exciting boost of points as a welcome gift.
   - Birthday Surprises: Celebrate your special day with My Sasun African Store and enjoy a surprise gift of My Sasun Points.


By embracing bulk buying and leveraging the power of My Sasun Points, you can enjoy an extraordinary savings adventure. Here's how:
a) PLAN AHEAD: Take stock of your essential groceries and identify items that you frequently use. By purchasing them in bulk, you can be sure of discounts and ensure you never run out of your favorite products.
b) LONG-TERM BUDGETING: Bulk buying allows you to plan your shopping budget more effectively. By knowing the per-unit cost of products when buying in bulk, you can allocate your finances wisely.
c) SHARING AND GIFTING: Bulk purchases enable you to share and gift items to friends, family, and loved ones. Spread the joy of authentic African groceries while enjoying the benefits of cost savings.


Bulk buying is a powerful strategy that can revolutionize your shopping experience. By embracing bulk purchases at My Sasun African Store, you not only save money but also unlock exclusive rewards and discounts through My Sasun Points. The convenience, cost savings, and sustainability of bulk buying combined with the exciting benefits of My Sasun Points make for an extraordinary shopping adventure. Visit our website, My Sasun African Store at, to embark on your savings journey.
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