Top 10 Things You Should Know About My Sasun African Market

Top 10 Things You Should Know About My Sasun African Market

Jan 08, 2024Elizabeth Yakubu

What is the best way to experience the diverse and delicious flavors of Africa? If you are living in the US or Canada, you might think that finding authentic African food is a challenge. But you are in luck because there is a solution: My Sasun African Market. This online store is your one-stop shop for all your African grocery needs, from fresh produce and vegetables to seasonal fruits and spices. In this blog post, we will tell you the top 10 things you should know about My Sasun African Market and why you should try it today.

- My Sasun African Market is owned by a young African lady, Lara Ajetumobi. Lara is a Nigerian lady passionate about African culture and she enjoys serving Africans abroad with African groceries so the taste of home is never missed. Lara is married and she has a child.

- My Sasun African Market used to be called My Isasun which translates to 'My Cooking Pot' in the Yoruba language of Nigeria, majorly delivering delicious cooked foods to people’s doorsteps but it now focuses on providing Nigerians/Africans in the US and Canada with African groceries, foodstuffs, fresh produce and more. 


- My Sasun African Market represents the rich and varied flavors of over five African cultures, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, and Uganda. Additionally, the market embraces international influences by representing the US, UK, and Jamaica, creating a fusion of tastes that cater to a broad audience.

- My Sasun delivers to your doorstep: With a commitment to convenience, My Sasun African Market ensures that customers can enjoy their favorite African and international products from the comfort of their homes. The doorstep delivery service reflects her dedication to making authentic and diverse foods accessible to a wide customer base.

- My Sasun sells fresh produce and vegetables: Ever wondered where to get fresh African vegetables and other produce in the US or Canada? The market prioritizes the availability of fresh and high-quality produce and vegetables. This commitment to freshness ensures that customers have access to the best ingredients for their culinary needs.


- My Sasun sells seasonal fruits so you don't have to ask where can I get seasonal African fruits in the US/Canada! Oh yes! Our Agbalumo sale last year was a bang! That's to tell you what lengths we go to satisfy your cravings! We even had hundreds of your favorite Superyogo to sell late last year. My Sasun African Market celebrates the seasons by offering a variety of seasonal fruits and bringing them to you in the US and Canada. The success of last year's Agbalumo sales highlights the market's ability to provide popular and sought-after seasonal items. We are always committed to offering unique and in-demand products.

- My Sasun is the best African Market in the US and Canada: Our reviews and ratings speak for us: Renowned as the best African Market in the US and Canada, My Sasun African Market has earned its reputation through positive reviews and high ratings. The market's commitment to quality, diversity, and customer satisfaction is reflected in the testimonials of satisfied customers, establishing it as a go-to destination for authentic African products.

- My Sasun has an innovative online presence: Leveraging technology, My Sasun African Market provides an innovative online platform that enhances the shopping experience. User-friendly interfaces, personalized recommendations, and efficient order processing contribute to a seamless and enjoyable online shopping journey for her customers. Take a look at our website here. We even have an app so you can keep shopping on the go.

- My Sasun is affordable and convenient: One of the best things about My Sasun African Market is that it offers competitive prices and fast delivery. You don't have to break the bank or waste time to enjoy the taste of Africa. You can order online from anywhere in the US or Canada and get your products delivered within 2-5 business days. You can also save money by taking advantage of the discounts and coupons available on the website.

- My Sasun supports local farmers and businesses: Another great thing about My Sasun African Market is that it sources its products from local farmers and businesses in Africa and the US. By doing so, it supports the livelihoods of the people who grow and produce the food you love. It also ensures that the products are fresh, organic, and ethically sourced.

Rounding Off:

My Sasun African Market is more than just an online store. It is a community of people who share a passion for African culture and cuisine. It is a place where you can find the best quality and variety of African products, delivered to your doorstep with ease and convenience. It is a way to connect with your roots and explore new flavors. Whether you are an African living abroad or a curious foodie, My Sasun African Market is the perfect choice for you. Visit My Sasun African Market today and discover the wonders of Africa. You can contact us here

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