Price Match Policy

Price Match Policy:


At My Sasun store, we provide a price match for identical items that are advertised. Here are the details and restrictions:


  1. Customer Notification: Inform our sales attendant about the desired price match.

  2. Availability: The item must be in stock when requesting the price match.

  3. Verification: We verify the price, availability, size, quantity, and brand of the identical item.

  4. Supervisor Approval: If prompted, the supervisor will verify the price and availability on our website.

  5. Quantity Limitations: We may limit quantities to one per customer, 10 items per day.

  6. Identical Items: The item must match in terms of size, model, quantity, brand, and color.

  7. One Item per Customer: We price match one item per customer, per day.

  8. No Rain-Checks: We do not offer rain checks for out-of-stock items.

  9. Eligible Online Retailers: We only price match items sold and fulfilled by specific online retailers.


Please note that the following are not eligible for price matching:

  1. Special Event Prices: Prices during special events, clearance, rollback, Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, or limited-time promotions.

  2. Bundle Offers and Promotions: Bundle deals, instant rebates, mail-in offers, financing options, or promotions without specified prices.

  3. Competitor Advertised Prices: Advertised prices from competitors.

  4. Indeterminable Prices: Prices that include fees or shipping charges.

  5. Minimum Quantity Purchase: Prices requiring a minimum quantity purchase.

  6. Damaged, Used, or Refurbished Items: Price matching does not apply to damaged, used, or refurbished items.

  7. Price Errors: Prices resulting from errors.

  8. Black Friday: No price matches are offered on items related to Black Friday.


Please be aware that My Sasun reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time.