My Sasun Abacha 8oz

$699 USD

Savor the authentic taste of Abacha, a traditional African dish crafted with precision for a flavorful culinary experience. Made from dried shredded cassava, Abacha is expertly prepared and often mixed with various ingredients like palm oil, garden eggs, and spices for added flavor. Beyond its delicious taste, Abacha may offer a hearty and satisfying meal option, rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Make Abacha a culinary delight, enjoying its unique flavor and texture as a main dish or side in your meals. Elevate your dining experience with the rich and wholesome goodness of Abacha, adding both flavor and cultural richness to your table.

The natural ingredients, including vegetables and palm oil, contribute to a nutrient-rich experience. Elevate your meals with the simplicity and nourishment of Abacha, connecting your palate to the heart of West African culinary tradition while promoting well-being.