Badia Whole Oregano | 2.25oz

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Badia Whole Oregano is a premium quality spice that adds a delicious, aromatic flavor to your favorite dishes. This 0.5oz package of whole oregano is perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, soups, stews, and more.

Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, Badia Whole Oregano is a versatile spice that is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Oregano is carefully harvested from the oregano plant and packaged to retain its natural flavor and aroma.

Oregano is a popular herb that is often used in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. It has a bold, slightly bitter, and aromatic flavor that complements a wide range of recipes. Oregano is also known for its health benefits, including its ability to aid digestion, fight inflammation, and provide antioxidants.