Canoe Extracare All Purpose Soap

$199 USD

Canoe soap traces its roots to the 1980s when the cottage industry in Nigeria witnessed a boom. At that time, it was the only laundry tablet produced by PZ Cussons. The first introduction was the Canoe Green 200g tablet.

Due to an increase in consumer demand and a taste for variety in laundry solutions, Canoe Pure 200g was added in 1998 and Canoe White 200g in 2007.

During 2008, Canoe decided to offer consumers that wanted laundry soaps in wrappers an addition to their laundry range. That birthed the introduction of Canoe Extra Care laundry range of soaps. This launch was followed by the addition of other variants including Canoe with Aleo Vera, Canoe with Glycerine.

To stretch the equity of the laundry tablets and also due to popular demand by consumers who craved detergents with the same mild and gentle formulation of the Canoe laundry range of soaps, Canoe Complete Care detergent was launched in 2012.