Chivita Active Can | pack of 6

$799 USD

Chivita Active Zest is made from a mix of citrus fruits with all-natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and flavors. Additionally, it 

A refreshing drink of chivita active zest can make you feel better.

There are a variety of different fruit juices that you can drink. These include orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, and others. Different fruit juices offer various health benefits, but some risks are also associated with drinking large amounts of certain juices.

Fruit juice comes from the flesh of the fruit or from the whole fruit. The method of making fruit juice varies depending on the fruit, but many manufacturers make juice by crushing or “pressing” the fruit to squeeze out the juice inside, then pasteurizing or adding preservatives before packaging the final product.

Pros and cons: Good source of vitamin B1 and D3 for faster body metabolism