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Ola Ola Tuwo/Masara/ Cornmeal | 5lbs

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Ola Ola Tuwo/Masara/Cornmeal is a versatile and essential staple in African cooking, offering a unique blend of tradition and flavor. Made from finely ground corn, this high-quality meal is the perfect foundation for preparing Tuwo, a beloved dish known for its smooth texture and delightful taste. Whether you're aiming to create a comforting bowl of Tuwo to accompany your soups and stews or exploring other culinary uses of cornmeal, Ola Ola's product ensures a consistently delicious and authentic experience. This cornmeal is not just about satisfying hunger; it's about bringing a piece of African culinary heritage into your home. Embrace the simplicity and richness of African cuisine with Ola Ola Tuwo/Masara/Cornmeal, and let every meal be an adventure.

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