Spicy World Semolina | 2lbs

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Spicy World Semolina is made from the finest quality durum wheat, known for its rich flavor and superior texture. Our semolina is meticulously processed to create a fine grain that offers a multitude of culinary possibilities.

With its coarse yet smooth texture, Spicy World Semolina adds a delightful crunch and a distinct nutty flavor to a wide range of dishes. It is commonly used to create traditional favorites such as pasta, couscous, and porridge, but its versatility extends far beyond that.

In the kitchen, Spicy World Semolina shines as a key ingredient in baking. Its unique properties make it ideal for creating tender and moist cakes, breads, cookies, and pastries. Whether you're indulging in a luscious semolina cake or savoring a flaky semolina tart crust, the rich and satisfying texture of Spicy World Semolina is sure to impress.