Spicy World Suji (Farina) |2lbs

$599 USD

Spicy World Suji, also known as Farina or semolina, is a coarse flour derived from durum wheat, renowned for its exceptional quality and flavor. Our Suji is carefully milled to the perfect consistency, ensuring its fine texture and consistency.

With its unique grain size, Spicy World Suji adds a delightful crunch and a distinctive nutty flavor to a wide range of dishes. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes, making it a kitchen essential.

In traditional cooking, Suji is often used to create a variety of delectable dishes. It is a key ingredient in preparing classic desserts like halwa, sheera, and kesari. The absorbent nature of Spicy World Suji allows it to soak up flavors, resulting in rich and indulgent sweet treats.