Wesson Vegetable Oil | 48oz

$999 USD

The right ingredients make the perfect flavor and with WESSON Vegetable Oil you can taste the food, not the oil. WESSON vegetable oil is a versatile, all-purpose soybean oil with a light taste that lets your cooking flavors shine through. This one gallon container is perfect for frequent cooks. WESSON soybean cooking oil can be used to bake as a substitute for melted butter, margarine or shortening. It's also great for pan frying and saut?ing chicken, meats, fish and vegetables. Next time you're planning a great recipe, don't forget WESSON Vegetable Oil. This container holds 252 1-tablespoon servings.
  • One (1) 1-gallon container WESSON Vegetable Oil
  • Versatile, all-purpose soybean oil
  • Light taste to let your food's flavor shine through
  • Great substitute for melted butter, margarine or shortening when baking
  • Use to pan fry or saut? meat and vegetables
  • Zero grams of trans fat and cholesterol free
  • Taste the food, not the oil