The Race of the Swans and the Ducks

The Race of the Swans and the Ducks

In a land filled with beautiful rays of sunlight, there was a big, beautiful lake called Ashanti. This lake was home to elegant swans with feathers as white as clouds. Not too far away, in a place where lush green grasses danced to the music of the peaceful breeze, lived a group of ducks. These ducks weren’t as fancy as the swans, but they were very smart and worked well together.


The swans and ducks shared everything around the lake and the coast. But deep down, each group thought they should be the ones to take care of the lake. They both loved it so much.


Then, something tough happened. It stopped raining, and the lake started to dry up. As the water got lower, something shiny caught everyone’s eye. It was a golden flower, and it wasn’t just any flower. This flower was thought to be magical— that it could make someone super wise and give them strength. The swans and the ducks both wanted this flower because they believed it could help them survive the dry times.


The swans, who were smooth and quick, thought they could easily reach the flower first. The ducks, known for being fast thinkers and movers, also believed they could win. The leaders of the swans and ducks, Sefah and Dofi, decided to have a big race to the flower when the sun came up.


The night before the race, the stars twinkled like little lanterns in the sky. Sefah and Dofi waited for the first light of dawn, ready to dash to the golden flower. When the morning came, they both took off towards the prize. The swans glided through the air, and the ducks paddled with all their might. It was so exciting that no one could tell who would get the flower first.


But then, right in the middle of all the excitement, a little duck got into trouble. It was lost and scared, and the race suddenly didn’t seem so important. Sefah, the leader of the swans, saw the little duck. Even though he was so close to the flower, he stopped. He knew what he had to do.


Sefah swooped down and gently picked up the little duck with his beak. He carried it safely back to the shore, away from the rushing waters. Because of this, Dofi, the duck leader, reached the golden flower first.


The ducks were jumping and quacking with joy because they had won. But the swans were quiet. They looked at Sefah with big, round eyes, full of respect. Sefah had shown them that being kind and brave was more important than winning.


Dofi, with the golden flower in her feathers, saw what Sefah did. She felt something warm in her heart. She decided that the magic of the flower should be shared with everyone. The dry times ended, and the lake filled up again, even more than before. The swans and ducks learned that working together was better than arguing over who was in charge.


And so, the story of the swans and the ducks became a famous tale. It was a story about a big race, a little duck in danger, and how kindness brought everyone together. It taught everyone that the best treasure was not a golden flower, but friendship and caring for each other.