Wanjiru and the Wise Leopard

Wanjiru and the Wise Leopard

Jun 21, 2024Elizabeth Yakubu

In the heart of the Frosiene savannah lived a community that thrived in harmony with nature. Among them was Wanjiru, a young woman known for her beauty and grace, but she faced a troubling dilemma. 


Wanjiru lived in a village nestled near the Great Rift Valley. One day, she found herself in a difficult situation. Her neighbor, Muthoni, claimed that a precious necklace, which had been in Wanjiru's family for generations, belonged to her. Both women insisted the necklace was theirs, and the dispute grew so heated that it threatened to divide the entire village.


In desperation, Wanjiru sought the counsel of the Wise Leopard, who lived in a hidden cave deep in the savannah. The leopard was known far and wide for his intelligence and fair judgments. Many animals had sought his advice, and he had never led them astray.


The journey to the Wise Leopard was perilous. Wanjiru had to traverse dense forests, cross raging rivers, and evade dangerous predators. But her determination to resolve the dispute drove her forward. After days of travel, she finally reached the entrance of the leopard's cave.


The Wise Leopard was an imposing figure, with eyes that seemed to pierce through to one's soul. He listened patiently as Wanjiru recounted her tale. He then called for Muthoni to join them, so he could hear both sides of the story.


The leopard devised a clever test to reveal the true owner of the necklace. He gave each woman a wooden box and said, “Inside each box is a secret that can only be unlocked by the rightful owner of the necklace. Take these boxes back to your homes and return tomorrow.”


Wanjiru and Muthoni took their boxes and returned to the village. Wanjiru, feeling the weight of the responsibility, sat quietly and thought deeply about the box and its secret. She remembered stories her grandmother told her about the necklace’s unique design and a hidden lock that could only be opened with a special key her family possessed.


Muthoni, on the other hand, was frustrated. She shook the box, tried to pry it open, and even asked others for help, but nothing worked.


The next day, Wanjiru and Muthoni returned to the Wise Leopard. Wanjiru, with a confident yet humble smile, handed her box to the leopard. She had opened it with the special key she remembered from her grandmother’s stories. Inside was a note that confirmed her as the true owner of the necklace. Muthoni's box, however, remained unopened. The Wise Leopard nodded knowingly.


"The secret of the box has spoken," the Wise Leopard declared. "Wanjiru’s ability to unlock the box reveals her true ownership of the necklace. Muthoni’s failure to open the box shows that she does not possess the right knowledge and connection to the necklace. Therefore, the necklace belongs to Wanjiru."


The village learned a valuable lesson that day. Wisdom is not just about cleverness but also about knowledge, patience, and a deep understanding of one's heritage. The Wise Leopard’s test demonstrated that true ownership is revealed through connection and knowledge.

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